Haute Couture Embroidered Halter Neck

Inspired by the Art of Burlesque

Haute Couture Halter Neck

Haute couture embroidered tulle halter neck top featuring vintage beads and sequins, Swarovski crystal pearls and silk chenille motifs, ruffle tulle trim and a braided tulle belt.

Haute Couture Halter Neck

Tulle scarf closure at back neck with tulle ruffle. Ribbon ties at sides.

Haute Couture Halter Neck

Belt extends to back with loops and ribbon ties to secure.

Haute Couture Halter Neck

An original design by Olivia Torma ©

Behind the Scenes


Bespoke Couture Commissions by The Vintage Couturiere

I’ve always wanted to design sensual couture using beautiful sheer fabrics. Tulle is one of the most seductive fabrics to work with when it comes to couture. It provokes eroticism and sensuality at the same time. I designed a halter neck top to be worn on the most sensual occasions for the boudoir or for burlesque, whatever the fancy. The sheer fabric embellished with gold and black beads and sequins evoke luxury while the ruffle trims evoke the costumes of La Belle Epoque (the Beautiful Era), and the Gilded Age, when women’s fashions took on a new opulence and extravagance, especially those worn by French courtesans and the can-can cabaret dancers at the Moulin Rouge.

Bespoke Haute Couture Embroidery by The Vintage Couturiere


Bespoke Haute Couture Embroidery by The Vintage Couturiere

Embroidering soft sheer tulle requires skill and patience and a tempered hand. This stage of the making process was a delicate operation. Every stitch was taken with the utmost care and observation. This is why haute couture is considered an art. Not everyone can master this technique with ease or quickly. But the result is rewarding both for the artist and the wearer.

Tambour Embroidery on Tulle by The Vintage Couturiere
The Vintage Couturiere by Olivia Torma

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