The Bespoke Couture Process

The Vintage Couturière is committed to offering high quality vintage couture to our clients. Our aim is to deliver exceptional craftsmanship to achieve the finest result possible.

Depending on the pattern’s complexity, we can customise the size and fit of a vintage couture pattern to sizes ranging from size 8 to size 18 provided that the alteration does not compromise the integrity of the design. This means that we can only make minor changes to accommodate a custom size.

Our goal is to try to accommodate our clients as much as possible and conserve the designer’s legacy. Vintage materials or any particular material we find for a bespoke order may be limited in supply at any given time. Shipment delays from overseas suppliers may also delay the completion of a couture commission.

It is important that these matters be taken into consideration and that rare or unique materials are ordered promptly once found to avoid disappointment. We will consider requests from clients wishing to use their own vintage patterns and materials for a bespoke commission.

Subject to these considerations being taken into account, a couture commission can take a minimum of at least three months to complete. To give you an idea of the work involved, below is a table showing a couture commission with four fittings, excluding hand embroidery. This is customised for every couture commission we undertake and is included in the comprehensive couture commission proposal prepared by Olivia Torma.

  • Couture Consultation 10% 10%
  • Design and Patternmaking 20% 20%
  • Toile Fittings and Alterations 30% 30%
  • Bespoke Couture Production 50% 50%
  • First Bespoke Couture Fitting 70% 70%
  • Second Bespoke Couture Fitting 80% 80%
  • Final Bespoke Couture Fitting 90% 90%
  • Final Commission Payment / Order Delivered 100% 100%

Request an Appointment

Book a One Hour Bespoke Couture Consultation with Olivia

Contact me to arrange an online bespoke couture consultation. I offer a minimum one hour consultation for $110.00 AUD inc GST and am available to meet Monday to Friday and on Saturdays. We will discuss your requirements, the design, style, colours and fabrics you desire. I’ll also take your measurements, recommend a range of fabric swatches for you to consider and discuss timeframes, the couture production process and commission agreement. This service is available by telephone, online via video conference and in person in Brisbane Australia.

Request a Couture Quote

Receive a Bespoke Couture Proposal with your Quote

I will prepare a quote for you following your bespoke couture consultation. The quote will include a Bespoke Couture Proposal to fulfil your order and which will form the couture commission agreement. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to receive your quote.

The Couture Commission

Sign a Couture Commission Agreement

Once a quote is approved I will prepare a bespoke couture commission agreement for you to sign. This agreement and a deposit paid to secure your order must be made before the commission can commence.

The agreement includes a comprehensive proposal to confirm and fulfil your order. This includes an estimated production timeframe and payment plan, measurements and design specifications including agreed materials, and appointments for toile fittings and review of any embroidery design samples.

More than one toile and multiple fittings may be required to ensure you are satisfied with the comfort, fit and appearance of your bespoke order and any embroidery designs. I can also fit toiles on a custom sized mannequin in my studio and send you photos of the fitting and the progress of your order. I do not ship toiles or sample embroideries. These must be fitted and inspected in person with me in Brisbane, Australia or at your preferred location* (subject to additional charges).

Embroidery designs can be resampled for further review until the final design and materials are agreed. Please note this can delay the completion of the commission and additional time needs to be allowed for this.

As production times can vary I highly recommend that clients book a consultation with me at least 12 months in advance of any planned event.

For more information about working with me, please read my Trading Terms & Conditions Policy.


The Vintage Couturiere


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