Essential Tambour Embroidery Techniques

Essential Tambour Embroidery Techniques You Need To Know To Create Beautiful Haute Couture Embroidery

A compact yet comprehensive guide on foundation techniques to help any tambour embroidery enthusiast, filled with tips and clear instructions on how to get the best result for your tambour embroidery projects.

This guidebook was used extensively in Olivia’s tambour embroidery workshops and remains a reliable go-to resource for The Vintage Couturiere’s atelier. It includes a brief history of tambour embroidery, advice on how to tambour embroider safely, advice on choosing the best tools and how to complete a simple yet beautiful tambour embroidery sample.

Recommended for beginners and experienced hand embroiderers who are tambour embroidery enthusiasts with little knowledge or experience in this beautiful artform of advanced hand embroidery.

The Vintage Couturiere


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