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Vintage Couture

Paying Hommage to 20th Century Couture Masters

The Vintage Couturiere



Welcome to a couture label that pays hommage to eminent vintage couture fashion designers from the 20th century.

Created by Olivia Torma in Brisbane Australia, The Vintage Couturiere specialises in remastering vintage couture patterns for a modern fit and refashioning them for a modern day look!

Our collection includes couture patterns from the ateliers of Paquin, Patou and Lanvin to name a few. Our couture recreations are strictly one-of-a-kind and sold under a bespoke commission agreement with our clients. Occassionally we will produce and sell one-off samples to the general public.

Should you be interested in commissioning us for a bespoke vintage couture recreation please contact us. To be notified of sample sales please follow our socials.



House of Jeanne Paquin

Considered to be the inventor of style in the art deco age, Jeanne Paquin brought an avant-garde attitude to fashion. Follow our journey as we reinvent a 1950’s jacket designed by the House of Paquin – in her honour!

A Haute Couture Embroidered Jacket

Demi-double breasted fitted jacket with an innovative neckline featuring a vent and fitted scarf. Follow our journey as we recreate this stunning design with haute couture embroidery.


The Atelier

The Vintage Couturiere
Cotton Velvet on a Tambour Embroidery Frame
The Vintage Couturiere
Haute Couture Embroidery by The Vintage Couturiere
Vintage Inspired Couture by The Vintage Couturiere Olivia Torma
Vintage Fabric for Beach Pyjama Pants by The Vintage Couturiere
Handmade Tambour Embroidery Handles Imported from France
Making a Vintage Jeanne Paquin Couture Jacket by The Vintage Couturiere Olivia Torma
Vintage English Cotton Voile Hand Smocked with Vintage Sequins and Beads
The Vintage Couturiere Black Box Packaging
The Vintage Couturiere
Bespoke Couture Commission by The Vintage Couturiere
Essential Techniques of Tambour Embroidery by The Vintage Couturiere Olivia Torma
Pure Wool Gaberdine by The Vintage Couturiere
Non Curl Cotton Silk Satin
Vintage Vogue Models at Versailles
Bespoke Couture Commission Agreement by The Vintage Couturiere
Vintage Jeanne Paquin Jacket Toile by The Vintage Couturiere
Couture fabrics in The Vintage Couturière atelier
Making a Vintage Jeanne Paquin Couture Jacket by The Vintage Couturiere


The Journal

The Vintage Couturiere


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