Victorian Inspired Waistcoat

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Victorian Inspired Waistcoat

One of the projects I’m working on is a Victorian inspired waistcoat. 

A few months ago I became obsessed with Victorian and Edwardian fashion. I fell in love with the tailored riding habit outfits women wore. It was a time when women became more active and tailors had to keep pace with their demands. Women’s riding habits evolved into a sophisticated sport and leisure wear called for stylish tailored fitted jackets. Tailored outfits and indeed women’s tailoring became more popular as women pursued higher education, office work and outdoor sports [source: wikipedia].

These three styles are among my favourites from this time. In Victorian times black was very much in fashion when Queen Victoria mourned the death of Prince Albert. The style is regal and very fitted. I love the use of buttons during this time too. What caught my eye was the double breasted styles and collars. This look was carried into the Edwardian era but was more relaxed. Unfortunately I can’t find the original sources of these photos, but I suspect the third image is an example of Edwardian fashion. This is suggested by the move away from black and the long lean line of the skirt.

Victorian Period

Edwardian Period

Edwardian Women's Riding Habit

Here are a few images of my progress so far. More information about this project will be available on my blog and socials soon.

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