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Old is New Again Guilt Free Fashion!

I have made it my mission as The Vintage Couturière to restore and resize vintage couture patterns for the 21st century, to bring their designs back to life so they can be worn and enjoyed by ladies seeking exceptional guilt free fashion with impeccable style and craftsmanship.

My mantra for the new decade – Old is New Again Guilt Free Fashion!

I can’t help launch this new web site with a stronger and more positive attitude than ever!

A new decade has dawned and it’s time for change and renewal! We all want what’s best for us, our planet and the future. And I definitely want to have more time making and wearing handmade clothing and guilt free fashion. I refuse to support the fast fashion industry and be a follower! Enough of that. And I refuse to endorse and support unethical fashion chains polluting the planet and exploiting the disadvantaged!

Many people around the world are waking up to the cost of fashion and the fact that we don’t need more of the same and continue to create waste. They want to invest in ethical fashion and sustainable fashion and indeed in the increasing demand for slow fashion meticulously handcrafted for discerning clientele.

The Cost of Fashion

The retail landscape is filling up with second hand vintage fashion outlets and reproductions helping to not only reduce waste but also offer a sense of nostalgia of the past when things had more meaning and value. Many are indeed ‘waking up’ to ethical fashion and taking responsibility, just look at the new groups emerging on social media thanks to videos like this one published on YouTube by The Economist: The Cost of Fashion.



What are Your Thoughts?

This documentary is a sobering realisation of the damage caused by fast fashion. What do you find most confronting about the issues raised? Share your thoughts below.