A Haute Couture Embroidered Edwardian  Inspired Blouse


I’m excited to reveal a couture confession about how to make a haute couture embroidered Edwardian inspired blouse!

I love haute couture embroidery and will look for any excuse to use it in my couture projects. It is such a beautiful art form and one that brings me much joy when I sit down to stitch. Haute couture embroidery is definitely a form of therapy for the couture artist who can practice this demanding yet highly rewarding embellishment technique.

As a vintage inspired couturiere, fusing fashion influences together in a couture garment can be a challenge sometimes, especially when I’m inspired by new design opportunities half way through a project. It’s the challenge any fashion designer faces when creating a post-modern expression of vintage fashion.

If you’ve seen the design of my Edwardian inspired blouse you’ll know that it is unique and perhaps unusual. You may also know that the design has changed from the original concept illustration. It will now feature haute couture embroidered trim!

Haute Couture Embroidered Edwardian Inspired Blouse

Designing a Haute Couture Embroidered Edwardian Inspired Blouse

Edwardian blouses are recognised for their pin tucks and fine hand embroidery. Their modest expression of opulence is expressed through the use of fine embroidered nets and laces, insertion lace, pin tucks and high neck collars. These blouses were typically designed with an emphasis on the neck and bustline, an influence perhaps drawn from the opulent Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau styles occuring at the same time.

With these design elements and influences in mind, it became obvious to me that haute couture embroidered trim would bring a beautiful finishing touch to my Edwardian inspired blouse. And the most appropriate place for it would be the seam across the front of the bodice. It’s where the yoke meets the pin tucked midriff overlaid with Guiure lace trim, as shown below.

Edwardian Inspired Blouse Project by The Vintage Couturiere

The Trim Design: Haute Couture Embroidered Edwardian Inspired Blouse

The trim I designed features flower motifs and lapped cupped sequins secured with chain stitch embroidery, aka crochet de Luneville (haute couture embroidery). The colour palette and beads I chose are silver paillettes, white cupped sequins, white Scarovski crystal pearls, vintage transparent pin wheel sequins and glass beads. The effect of the light reflecting off the beads is stunning, as are the colours of refracted light reflected in the transparent pin wheel sequins. Here are a few photos of the work so far.

Couture Confessions #1:


Haute couture embroidery is a beautiful addition to any couture project. When planning a couture project inspired by many influences, it’s important to factor in new design elements as soon as the opportunity and inspiration presents itself. Sometimes these opportunities don’t appear until your halfway through the project.

I didn’t plan to make any haute couture trim for this blouse, but couldn’t resist the opportunity. The upperbust seam on the front of the bodice is the perfect place to add a beautiful finishing touch to what will be a unique and original vintage inspired blouse.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

What’s Next for the Haute Couture Embroidered Edwardian Inspired Blouse?

Just a few more design elements to embroider and this trim will be finished and ready to be applied to the front bodice. Once the bodice is complete, it’s time to move onto the sleeves! 


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