The Joyful Art of Illustration

Sewing and embroidery are not the only activities that give me joy. I have spent some time over the past few weeks improving my Photoshop skills. Using a digital pen is a little challenging but I’m starting to get the hang of it now. Here is what I have created so far … practice makes perfect as they say … I don’t think any artist should ever stop practicing….!

My latest project is an Edwardian inspired pin stitched blouse paired with 1930’s inspired beach pyjama pants. Here it is on the catwalk with a feathered headdress and cuffs. This outfit is missing its third element, a Victorian inspired waistcoat that is at the toile stage and waiting to be sampled in black wool gaberdine. That’s coming up in a future sketch. Look out for an update! 

This trio of pieces are making their way into my first capsule collection of original vintage inspired couture. More details about this project will be publised on the Projects page soon.

What do you think of this look – ex the feathered accessories of course! There’s more information about this project in my Journal. 

Here’s a sketch of the waistcoat and the pants with fabric swatches of black lambskin leather and fawn viscose rayon. Visit my Journal for more information about the waistcoat and pants. 

Vintage Jeanne Paquin Jacket

Vintage Jeanne Paquin Jacket Reproduction Project by The Vintage Couturiere

From my vintage Vogue Couturier pattern collection is this Jeanne Paquin jacket with a vented neckline and scarf. A unique 1950’s design, this jacket is being made in deep blue cotton velvet. The pattern has been altered to fit to my size. You’ll find a video of the tambour embroidery on my Welcome page.

The embroidery design features the designer’s name J Paquin inscribed in metallic gold and silver chain stitch surrounded by embroidered feathers and scatterings of Swarovski crystals. The right front edge of the jacket is embellished with gold seed beads. It will be a special bespoke piece once finished. More updates on this vintage couture project will be published soon. 

Vintage Jeanne Paquin Jacket Illustration from The Vintage Couturiere
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