How to sew pin tucks the easy way to make a beautiful Edwardian inspired blouse.

Some of the finest blouses of the 20th century eminate from the Edwardian era. The look is feminine, romantic and demure with high neck collars, lace insertions, ruffles, pleats and pin tucks! Edwardian blouses would have to be one of my favourite inspirations for designing something ultra romantic to wear with a skirt, waistcoat or jacket. Some are quite complex with detailed laces and intricate cut work. I’m just going to start with pin tucks for my first Edwardian inspired blouse!

My journey so far has been a meandering path of sampling different ways to sew pin tucks. I started experimenting with 0.5cm pin tucks sewn along the grain line. The style was inspired by a blouse and vest worn by Therese de Seue of Norway in a photograph taken by Gustav Borgen in 1900 [source: Pinterest].


The pin tucks run down the side front of the vest and down the sleeves to the forearm Here’s my first attempt at sewing a few rows of 0.5cm tucks along the grain line.

As you can see the tucks ripple down the fabric. While I do like this effect it’s not the result I’m looking for. And they can’t really be called pin tucks. True pin tucks are very narrow from 1mm to 3mm wide. Much like my next sample of stitching below. This result in slow and difficult to maintain accuracy. But the result is lovely. I also learned that the trick to stitching fine pin tucks without a rippled effect is to stitch them on the bias!

There’s a much easier way to stitch pin tucks, and that is using tear away embroidery stabiliser.

Click the link below to see this technique in my Instagram Highlights!

Here’s what those pin tucks look like stitched on the bias!

A close-up view of the pin tucks.

Here are a collection of images I took over the course of stitching many more rows of pin tucks.

Mock Up on the Mannequin

Here’s what the pin tucks look like draped across the bust on the mannequin.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project soon!

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  1. Ann

    My Irish grandmother came to the USA when she was 20 and we have lovely photos of her and my paternal grandmother wearing lovely Edwardian blouses and dresses. I would love to try to replicate what they wore.

    • Olivia

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      What a wonderful source of inspiration for you. They must have been beautiful.


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