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Edwardian Inspired Blouse Designed by The Vintage Couturiere Olivia Torma

Fitted blouse with pin stitched midriff at front and yoke featuring vertical insertion lace and pin stitching embellished with tambour embroidered crystal pearls.

High neck collar with horizontal pin stitching, button closure at back neck.

Puffed sleeve with pin stitching across upper arm.

Forearm length cuff with vertical insertion lace embellished with tambour beaded crystal pearls and ruffle trim.

Edwardian Inspired Blouse Designed by The Vintage Couturiere
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Fabrics and Trims

Pin Stitched Silk Cotton Voile by The Vintage Couturiere

Silk Cotton Voile

Silky cotton voile with a soft shine offers a luxurious lightweight satin feel blouse. Intricately pin stitched across the bust it creates a shapely and voluminous midriff with Edwardian appeal.  

Pin Stitched Silk Organza by The Vintage Couturiere

Silk Organza

A sheer fabric with good stand, silk organza is our ideal choice for creating sculptural effects and hand crafted embellishments. Pin stitching provides a foundation for adding insertion lace and tambour embroidered beading. 

Lace and Crystal Pearls by The Vintage Couturiere

Lace and Beads

Lace and tambour beading add a touch of nostalgia to any blouse. Traditional crafts of bygone eras using vintage and modern haute couture trims add a touch of hand crafted luxury and Edwardian fashion flair.

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